Revolutionizing Skincare

With Science

Skinluna revolutionizes the conventions of skincare by using the latest innovation in bio-technology combined with LED and Micro-current technology; an innovative, advanced skincare solution that works.

Renew your skin in the comfort of your own home, on YOUR time.


SkinLuna Formulas are always clean, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, cruelty-free, non-toxic and never contain animal extract, filler, carcinogens and mainly use actives from bio-fermentation. SkinLuna is inspired to continue using innovative biotechnology to make safe and effective products using the highest quality ingredients available. We adhere to EU cosmetic law and the strict exclusion of over 1,300 substances.

The Future Of Skincare


This clean vegan formula contains the highest concentration of youth-activating peptides. The breakthrough technology combining growth factor peptides, neuropeptides in a weightless hyaluronic serum to help visibly minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, improving skins’ firmness and elasticity as it rejuvenates with a boost of hydration that instantly
plump the skin.

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Revive Eyes, Instantly

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Ergonomically Designed

Microcurrent facial

Heated sonic facial massager 

Cold sonic facial massager

Travel friendly

1 revolutionary device,

5 awesome benefits

Microcurrent Facial

On The Go!

Lunage is a unique facial sonic massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with LunaRevive serum as little as 6 mins a day.

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